Professional snacker & napper...
And photographer of course.

- My daughter, Norah
- Shawn, my partner of 9 years
- Our loyal pup, Oliver, and sassy cat, Bebe
- Iced lattes
- Naps
- Horror movies
- Bubble baths
- The Office
- Deathcore
- Chocolate
- Reading

Photographer by day, mama by... well, also by day... and night.

Photography entered my life when I was a teenager, which for me, was the perfect time.
It started off as a love for photojournalism, then a desire to be the one who created the photographs I admired. I never thought I'd be able to produce something beautiful with a camera, but I never stopped loving it.

In October 2017 I was a second shooter for my very first wedding. I was OBSESSED. People, culture, emotions, stories, moments... weddings have it all. I am beyond grateful for every single adventure this career has taken me on.

Now here I am, living my dream. I still get flooded with emotions when I stop and think about how far I've come.

What I love

Angela Amen
Angela Amen Photography